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Updated: Mar 17

Christy Jackson

Thank you for visiting our site and viewing our blog. It’s best to kick off this amazing journey announcing our execution of combining decades of various business experience.

We’re proud to announce Eagle Vision Solutions (EVS) will now be available for Tribal organizations to team with. EVS, owned by Christy Jackson, is a collaboration between Jackson and business partner, Randy Soulier, combining over 35 years of marketing, operations, and business development.

We ask to not expect us to be “consultants”. It’s best to consider us specialists because our successes will be measured by the relationships we form and the desire to deliver upon any area of the business where marketing, business development and operations performance is a need. EVS could function onsite as coaching or expediting across the front lines; to conducting a series of assessments to develop a strategic plan. Flexibility, responsive, proactive and innovative to help your business remain nimble is EVS. In addition to working with Tribal organizations, we also will work with non-Tribal entities wishing to enter the Tribal space for marketing their solutions and opportunities. Bridging the differences between process, timing and cultural awareness will help form strong and vital relationships needed to secure long-term success.

Contact us for any questions or interest you have, and we’ll be in touch immediately. Final parting information to know is Eagle Vision Solution’s tagline guides in every interaction and overall expectations; Relationships- Solutions- Results.

Randy Soulier


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